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As its name implies, Daf-A-Week is a program to proceed through Shas learning one daf of Gemara a week. Begun at the onset of the twelfth Daf Yomi cycle, Daf-A-Week's goal is to provide learners ample time to grasp the subtleties and complexities of even the most difficult sugyos, and to do significant review.

Grab this opportunity now! We are just beginning to learn the final perek of Yoma. Perek Yom Hakipurim deals with the practical halachos of the day as well as different aspects of teshuva. The 15 blatt conclude just in time for Yom Kippur! View our schedule under the Daily Plan Calender button to the lower left (in blue). Also, see the video from our recent breakfast under the Events button. To receive our custom bechinos or for other info, email dafaweek@gmail.com.

פרק יום הכיפורים מוקדש לע''נ ברוך בענדיט וברכה גרוס ע''ה
by Mr. and Mrs. Duvy Gross

Yoma 77
Audio Shiurim
The Daf